Episode 126: Locales: Haunted Locations

GM: Just as you’re about to go into the bathroom stall, you feel a chill.
Player: Hanakosan is in there, right?
GM: Maybe. We’ll see.
Player: I go to the next stall.
GM: What? Uh, it’s occupied.
Player: I wait.
GM: You really need to go to the bathroom. Make a stamina check.
Player: Seriously? Man, I knew I should’ve taken the Steel Trap Sphincter Advantage.

In our second episode of our Month of Horror, we look at haunted locations, from houses to ships to bathroom stalls.


Episode 121: Locales: Myanmar

“Old cows like young grass.”
– Myanmar proverb

The proverb really has nothing to do with our episode, but, darn, Myanmar, you speak the truth.

In this installment of Locales, we discuss Myanmar the Golden Land. In true Idle Red Hands fashion, we don’t just Google it; we put a man on the ground. Lyal comes back from Myanmar to augment Chris’s and Wayne’s exhaustive research. Oh, Lyal gets all coy because his wife was in the room. Yes, he was talking about the sex industry. It really couldn’t be any clearer.


Episode 101: Locales: Tokyo Part 1

In this twist on our Locales series, we take a real world city and explore what elements it would offer games set there. We start with one near(ish) to our hearts: Tokyo. Learn all about what it’s like to be a Japanese woman on a crowded Tokyo train! From three (mostly) white foreigners who live in Kansai!

In Part 1, we cover the people, power and culture of one of the world’s most populous cities.


Episode 83: Locales: Prisons

In our second Locales episode, we look at prisons with their bars, confinement, monotony, brutality and rape. Your players will love them.
We also review, with no spoilers, Prometheus and The Avengers, and discuss how to improve your Werewolf: The Forsaken game.


Episode 75: Locales: Ships

The month of series debuts continues with Locales, a look at how to use different settings in your games. In this episode, we also look at ships, from submarines to starships (not the band, although Lyal does talk about the band), with the added bonus of how to use them as antagonists and protagonists.

Also, Chris talks about the virtues of booth babes, Wayne talks about the benefits of emphasizing the monotony in games, and Lyal talks about how drowning and suffocation aren’t so bad. Oh, and we had some opinions that weren’t completely wrong as well.