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#dnd is a lifestyle brand now, not a gaming brand. It's not competing with other #TTRPGs; it's its own thing. It's as much about the things you do away from the gaming table.

Understanding this will help you to understand why so many of the new D&D players don't try other games.

@SprintingOwl A big problem is there is too much "support indie games", "try other games", "D&D sucks" and not enough "(specific game) is cool because (reason)". Even your thread doesn't mention anything specific and treats "indie games" as some kind of monolith. Most people don't have...

Another Unboxing: Blacklist Miniatures Fantasy Series One. This includes the HUGE stretch goals box. We also discuss their current #LastingTales Kickstarter #miniatures #ttrpg #blacklist #livestream Thru YT:

Another Unboxing: #StarSaga by @ManticGames. A scfi adventure boardgame based in their #Warpath setting, similar to their #DungeonSaga fantasy game based on #KingsofWar. #livestream #boardgame Thru YT:

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