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casl Entertainment creates new RPG content, echoing original AD&D adventures in design and tone. Our products strive to continue the legacy of the creators that established the cultural phenomenon that is D&D.

Idle Red Hands Weekly 057: Dungeon Scrawl in Beta, Tunnel and Trolls Bundle, 5E Diversity Errata, All for One: Régime Diabolique RPG, Paizo Apology, and Origins Online Cancelled

Totally on point on all counts. OA was a completely respectful fantasy take on a Far Eastern setting, and groundbreaking in so many ways. It opened the way to adapting D&D to new settings & many of us developed lifelong relationships with Asia. Take note, @Wizards_DnD

Mr Moai@StarportMoai

Gonna rant about these poseur dipshits trying to get Oriental Adventures taken down, and how ignorant it makes them look.

Its very obvious they haven't read the book at all. (No surprise there)

A thread:


#Batman #Robin #DC #Superheroes

Know what jumps out to me the most
about this incredible Alex Ross pic of
Batman and Robin?

....The vow.


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