Idle Red Hands Weekly 026: Trophy RPG, Aeronautica Imperialis, Sovereign Skies by Deep Water Games, Tamer Audiobook and Six-Month Existential Despair

What is Idle Red Hands Weekly? Still working on that one. Feel free to give us your input and ideas in the comments. Trophy RPG and the upcoming Girl Underground and Forbidden Lands RPG sessions. Games Workshop Aeronautica Imperialis starter box, a plastic version of the Forgeworld miniatures game.The Lost and the Damned, book 2 of the Siege of Terra finale series for the Horus Heresy novels. Tamer: King of Dinosaurs by Michael-Scott Earle audiobook version on Bandcamp. Source for a good RPG?

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Episode 219: Racial Ability Bonuses – Hot Dwarves and Smart Orcs in D&D

Idle Red hands - Episode 219

In this episode we discuss the question of racial ability bonuses in D&D and other TTRPG systems. Is race the best way to give the flavor of the setting or does it just bring with it uncomfortable stereotypes drawn from the real world? Which will win in our discussion nature or nurture? If you roll a muscle wizard does that save you from the Tolkien hole?


Download: Forbidden Lands Reference Sheet

Here is a two-sided PDF reference sheet to help new (or forgetful) players with combat and other conditions that affect characters in the Forbidden Lands RPG by Free League

Printer-Friendly Black & White Only Versions (no grayscale):


Video: Short Review of Forbidden Lands

A short review to help you decide if the Forbidden Lands RPG by Free League is for you. We discuss the major features and mechanics and also talk about how it differs from other systems and RPGs. We love this game but wanted to present a balanced look at it to help you make your own decision.

BGM – Veil of the Blood Mist by ALVE – Forbidden Lands OST