Idle Red Hands Weekly 050: GenCon 2020, Kickstarter Layoffs, The Artefact, Star Wars PbtA and Microscope

This week Chris and I discuss… not that Chris, the other one. We discuss GenCon and its possible cancellation. San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon canceled. Kickstarter down 35% and facing layoffs, but maybe just the labor organizers. Star Wars Powered by the Apocalypse Engine. Solo gaming with Tunnels and Trolls by Flying Buffaloe and the zine RPG, The Artefact by Jack Harrison. Microscope a Fractal Roleplaying Game of Epic History by Lame Mage Productions. Frosthaven Kickstarter in its final week and breaking US$9 million.

Microscope: A  Fractal RPG of Epic History:

Star Wars Omegas Edition:

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Idle Red Hands Weekly 015: Demigods RPG, Tears of a Machine RPG, Conan 2d20

Original Star Wars opening crawl text. Last session of the Alien RPG tonight. Cinematic adventures versus campaigns. Siege of Terra latest book The Lost and the Damned. Conan 2d20 Bundle of Holding. Demigods by Jason Mills on Kickstarter. Tears of a Machine, a Powered by the Apocalypse anime-inspired teens and mechs RPG. Gundam, Pacific Rim, and its unfortunate sequel. #alienrpg #demigodsrpg


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