Video: Actual Play: Alien RPG Cinematic Starter Kit “Chariot of the Gods” Part 3

The third, but not final session, of the Cinematic Starter for the Free League Alien RPG available for download with all pre-orders of the game. Cinematic adventures are one-shot scenarios with pre-generated characters that replicate the tension and high body count of the Alien movies.

After restoring the reactor and repairing the engines the Cronus is now up a running and auto-pilot takes over. Thank you, special order 966. We are down one player this session so Cham will be an NPC for now.

Our only complaint about the PDF is that it is not very printer-friendly being mostly light text on a black background. So we created a printer-friendly version of the character sheet and a player reference to help anyone interested in trying this adventure.

Check out Tabletop Audio for their amazing RPG sound effects:

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Idle Red Hands Weekly 015

Original Star Wars opening crawl text. Last session of the Alien RPG tonight. Cinematic adventures versus campaigns. Siege of Terra latest book The Lost and the Damned. Conan 2d20 Bundle of Holding. Demigods by Jason Mills on Kickstarter. Tears of a Machine, a Powered by the Apocalypse anime-inspired teens and mechs RPG. Gundam, Pacific Rim, and its unfortunate sequel. #alienrpg #demigodsrpg


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Episode 223: Are Gamers Suckers?

Dice towers, gaming furniture, GM screens, bone, metal and stone dice, chainmail backpacks and movies based on game properties. Are gamers really suckers?

We discuss how willing gamers are to throw their money on extravagant game accessories, RPG movies, and nostalgia. What gaming related purchase left you feeling the most ripped off?


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Alien RPG Cinetmatic Starter finishing next week. Dungeons and Dragons Essentials unboxing. Stranger Things 5e starter set and co-branding DnD as a gateway to the hobby. Possible interview with Andrew E.C. Gaska writer of Alien starter adventure Chariot of the Gods. Tabletop Audio and using sound effects and music in TTPRG sessions. The Spy Game: 5th Edition Action/Espionage Roleplaying Game by Black Cats Gaming on Kickstarter and the Beast of a Bundle 5e Humble Bundle.