Idle Red Hands Weekly 059: Orion Black Quits, Open Letter to GW, D&D Legacy Disclaimer, Critical Role Controversy and Quest Adventure Game

Orion Black quits their position at Wizards of the Coast and releases a long statement explaining why. An open letter to Games Workshop is posted as a response to their “Warhammer is for everyone” inclusivity statement and especially the ending ” You will not be missed.” Critical Role responds to a claim fo unpaid employment. Dungeons and Dragons now prints a legacy disclaimer on all of their digital publications prior to 2014. Quest, an adventure game, not an RPG, by The Adventure Guild has been released with ambitions to also create a publishing platform. Will the tabletop hobby see its own “Epic Gamestore” muscle in on DriveThruRPG?

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Quest Adventure Game


Idle Red Hands Weekly 057: Dungeon Scrawl in Beta, Tunnel and Trolls Bundle, 5E Diversity Errata, All for One: Régime Diabolique RPG, Paizo Apology, and Origins Online Cancelled

Dungeon Scrawl, an excellent web-based mapping application, is in open BETA, free with no ads or paywall. Tunnels and Trolls has a new updated Bundle of Holding. Wizards of the Coast releases diversity errata for some popular adventures. Paizo apologizes for having players play the role of police in its most recent still unpublished adventure. All for One: Régime Diabolique RPG is a game of supernatural swashbuckling horror and adventure in a demon-plagued 17th century France, published in 2010. Origins Online run by GAMA is canceled due to their delayed BLM response and the subsequent protest.

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All for One: Régime Diabolique RPG

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