Episode 23: Licensed to Vill(ain)

“So, Pureheart, we meet again. I always knew it would come down to us: you, the epitome of good, and me, the embodiment of evil. But am I evil? Is it evil to protect what is precious to you? Growing up in the ghettos of the East, I learned many things, and one of those things was that if you play the game of…”

“I got a 16 for initiative. I charge.”

“Hey! I’m monologuing here!”

In this episode, we run down the questions that every gamemaster should consider when making their villains. You’ve been warned, players.

Kristos sits in for his first non-board game episode. You’ve been warned, listeners.


2 thoughts on “Episode 23: Licensed to Vill(ain)

  1. It took you over a week to think of that? There will be pathetic.

    And I’m sorry that fantastic movie wasn’t directed by Michael Bay or have any superheroes in it, I’m sure that would’ve been more up your alley.

    One day you’ll grow out of your ADD and come to appreciate the grown up movies. We can hope…

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