Episode 24: Campaign Confessions: You Gotta Have FATE

“What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of FATE.” – Donald Trump

Out of the mouths of real estate moguls authors presidential candidates reality TV stars.

In this addition to Campaign Confessions, we discuss the FATE RPG system and Chris’s weird war campaign. What made it so weird? Listen to the episode.

As an added bonus, we also review the Dominion card game.


1 thought on “Episode 24: Campaign Confessions: You Gotta Have FATE

  1. I was wondering if I was going to get a mention, and then I was like, “Ah, they mentioned me!” and then I was like, “Oh.”

    Sorry I RUINED your campaign with my sparkling wit and outrageous accent.

    About Dominion and Thunderstone: I think we need to play both games a lot more before we can come up with informed opinions on the topic. Dominion has a few expansions, one of them very well received, which might improve various issues like the lack of interaction. As for Thunderstone, I imagine taking time to build a strong foundation in the beginning may make it easier to use your turns productively in the dungeon later on. But Dominion’s still better.

    About the FATE system: I applaud the effort to focus on story and to encourage risky play based on character traits, but also agree that the implementation is a little clunky. Not that I’m an expert on RPGs. In fact, I’m not an expert on anythinghn.

    About the weird war campaign: I enjoyed it, liked the mix of Nazi and horror, but I thought Chris was too easy on us as a GM. I could tell he regretted letting us magically have grenades half way through the session when we used them to blow up the entire horde of zombies. The “and then rainbows and unicorns come out” comment tipped me off.

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