Idle Red Hands Weekly 041: Beyond the Monolith Cancelled, CMON Teburu, Riot Tabletop and Space Marine Adventures at Target













Monolith Games cancels the Kickstarter campaign for their new concept, Beyond the Monolith. CMON is working on a new interactive hybrid of technology and physical boardgames called Teburu. Riot Games launches Riot Tabletop, hoping to create a real-life toxic tabletop fanbase modeled on their League of Legends success and paid for with Chinese money. Games Workshop puts Space Marines Adventures in Target stores and Barnes and Noble makes exclusive expansions for it. Fantasy flight shutters their Interactive division. The TTRPG department is also laid off. We still don’t know what this means for their RPG systems and settings.



Idle Red Hands 033: Alien RPG Unboxing, Contrast Paints on Finecast, Horus Heresy Boardgame, Sapphire Anniversary Dice, Trophy RPG Bundle and Voices of Heresy 2019

Unboxing the Alien RPG Preorder Bundle. Painting Finecast Ork Commandos with Contrast Paints. The Horus Heresy Boardgame by Fantasy Flight Games. Are gamers STILL suckers? Dungeons and Dragons 45th Anniversary Sapphire Anniversary Dice. only USD$299! Decent into Avernus turnoff. Trophy RPG November Bundle and the session of dark fantasy this weekend. Humble Bundle offers its Voices of Heresy 2019 bundle. DRM-free MP3s to listen to while you paint. Plus Disney tries to warn us their movies are outdated.

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