Video: Creature Feature: Robots

Using robots in your TTRPG campaigns? What questions should you ask yourself when you include them? We have a list of campaign ideas using robots to help you out, and we discuss how to play them both as antagonists and protagonists.

Also in the tradition of our Creature Features, we watched the 1980 scifi film Saturn 3, starring Kirk Douglas, Harvey Keitel and Farrah Fawcett. Regardless of its failings as a scifi horror film, it does include some interesting examples of how to use a robot as a character. And Farrah Fawcett. She is in the film. Did I mention that?


Episode 215: Top 5 Fantasy Settings

Following up on our top 5 horror settings, we discuss ideas for new and fresh fantasy settings inspired by books, movies, and television. These are not necessarily our favorites, but they were definitely the most inspiring. Have we played it too safe or our choices a reach? Let us know what you think.

Understand that we deliberately didn’t include settings that are currently being used for existing games. Which means this list doesn’t include Lord of the Rings or A Song of Ice and Fire for obvious reasons. (Well, maybe not so obvious since A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying doesn’t get near enough love.)

To hear what didn’t make the list and also what inspired us to make our choices, listen to our full list of choices in this episode. If you would like to skip the full discussion and go right to the final top 5, please visit our YouTube channel and let us know what we got wrong in the comments.