Episode 34: Pantheon Pandemonium: Norse Play

Praise not the day until evening has come; praise not a woman until she is burnt; praise not a sword until it is tried; praise not a maiden until she is married; praise not ice until it is crossed; praise not beer until it is drunk; praise a podcast any time. -Norse proverb (well, most of it)

In this episode, we discuss the Norse pantheon. We also uncover startling parallels between the Aesir and a certain American subculture.


2 thoughts on “Episode 34: Pantheon Pandemonium: Norse Play

    • Well, the Dark Sun setting had Half-Giants (who were later changed to Goliaths in the 4e version) so it has been done.

      I think the story of Loki is stranger though. He turns himself into a mare to lure away Svaðilfari, the horse of the ice giant building Valhalla, so that the giant can’t complete his task in time. Apparently Loki had “such dealings” with Svaðilfari that “somewhat later” Loki gave birth to a grey foal with eight legs; the horse Sleipnir, “the best horse among gods and men.”

      Looks like Loki liked himself some bestiality. 😉

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