Episode 81: 99 Problems with D&D Next…

…but the picture of the gnoll ain’t one of them.

In this episode, we discuss the latest playtest material. We talk about what we like and don’t like, and Wayne makes a case for elves of colour. We also come up with a winning business strategy for Wizards of the Coast to follow for D&D Next.*

*We recorded this episode before WotC announced their plan to emphasize campaign settings and adventures, which bears a striking similarity to our strategy.


3 thoughts on “Episode 81: 99 Problems with D&D Next…

  1. First time listener. Saw it on Drive Thru RPG. An rpg podcast that actually talks about gaming and not drinking? Shocking 🙂 Well done.

    • Thanks for the comment Paul. Our goal with each episode is to provide something that our listeners can take away and use in their games at home. Personally, that’s what I like to hear when listening to other gaming podcasts.

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