Episode 82: Warriors: Condottieri

Because our listeners demanded it: condottieri! Actually, it was only was one listener, and he really just casually mentioned it.

In this edition of Warriors, we talk about mercenaries and free companies. Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure buys everything else worth having. Live free and die hard.


4 thoughts on “Episode 82: Warriors: Condottieri

  1. Greetings Idle Red Hands!

    I’ve listened to almost all of your podcasts, and it’s given me some really good ideas for my group’s games. Coincidentally We’ve just began a new campaign in which our party is a mercenary group hired by the noble houses that run the nation we live in. Those who don’t have this noble sponsorship are know as….. Murder Hobos!
    So this podcast has given me some pretty cool ideas, especially if the PCs fail. That’ll be interesting.

    I was surprised you guys didn’t mention the Mandolorians from StarWars, nothing says in it for the money like Mando Commandos.

    Thanks for the great podcasts guys! Keep up the good work!

    GM Dread

  2. Great episode guys! To continue with my Tweets, the research I did on modern day mercenaries and Private Security Contractors showed that there was an alarming high attrition rate of Special Forces and veteran NCO’s leaving the military and signing up a PSC’s.

    They figured that if they were going to be in a war-zone like Iraq anyway, why not do it for the benefits of 3x + pay (tax free), better armor, better weapons, better equipment, and less bureaucracy (corporate chicken shit isn’t as deep as military chicken shit).

    Additionally, since these guys were now private sector employees, if they got wounded or injured, not only would they be treated in private medical facilities, rather than the horrendous VA medical system, they could ALSO file worker’s comp claims and be covered under state/federal disability funds. Soldiers are considered chattle and property, and not covered the same way.

    Keep the episodes coming!

    Matt, @FreeRangeGamer

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