Episode 56: Pantheon Pandemonium: Olympus

“The gods give two sorrows for every blessing.”

Here’s your blessing. Apologies for the future sorrows.
In this latest installment of the Pantheon Pandemonium, we discuss the Greek gods and how to use themes from Greek mythology in your game. We also discuss the worst birthday gift you could possibly give your husband or wife. Hint: It’s worse than giving him or her that game you want so that you can “spend more time together”.


2 thoughts on “Episode 56: Pantheon Pandemonium: Olympus

  1. Would love to hear this episode as I am running a Greek/Roman themed D&D Campaign at the moment. BUT the file is not working. What downloads is way too small to be the Podcast Episode. Also, might want to check out some earlier Episodes on iTunes too. Just Saying. Thanks:)


  2. Never mind the last Comment. Just found out you have several older Episodes on DriveThrough RPG through your link in another Post. Getting this episode and a couple more soon. Thanks:)


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