Episode 132: Review: Numenera and 13th Age Part 2

“Part 2 and there seems no end in sight to this episode. Will my children recognize me when we finish? Will my wife? I had cats. Two. How long do cats live for? Oh god.
I hear voices. No, it is not madness. It is the other hosts. Something about a 13th Age. When did we start? The 1st Age? I can’t remember. I do remember two books with such promise. Will this second deliver? Is it what we’ve been seeking? I’m so tired.”

In this episode, we review 13th Age. Is it worth the 3 a.m. bedtime that the hosts suffered to bring you this review?


1 thought on “Episode 132: Review: Numenera and 13th Age Part 2

  1. You can post this comment or not, but I came across your podcast and was impressed with the way you break down your reviews. As co-artist on 13th Age and 13 True Ways I was anxious to hear your assessment of the illustrations and admittedly disheartened when I did. You are right about the Icon illustrations. We wanted to introduce them in the core book with little context so they read as familiar archetypes. Other illustrations in the book, on the other hand, are meant to evoke story especially with the use of the icon symbols. Often times I received a description from Rob of a character to draw and it was up to me to inject setting and icon relationships. I was creating drawings as he was writing the core book, so while I was contributing to the world my vision of 13th Age wasn’t as fleshed out as it is now. The ideas and the world are quickly expanding and I’m making an effort to contribute in a meaningful way with the illustrations. 13 True Ways will be out soon and while it is my sophomore effort in fantasy illustration (my background is in non-fiction comics), I do hope you check it out with consideration for the effort that Lee Moyer and I put into the illustrations. It’s surprisingly rare to have any consideration given to RPG art beyond a footnote, so please do keep up the good work with your podcast and maybe keep in mind that artists tend to put significant amount of love and work into their craft while juggling deadlines and other challenges of freelance work. I will definitely take your constructive criticism into consideration as I continue my work. Best regards, -A-McC-

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