Episode 89: Curses

“Cursed be those who disturb the rest of the Idle Red Hands. They that shall break the seal of this podcast shall meet death by a disease that no doctor can diagnose. What? You’ve invented blood tests and MRIs? Never mind.”
– Updated Curse of the Idle Red Hands

This is the episode we almost lost. Cursed? Or cursed that we recovered it? You be the judge. This episode has an Idle Red Hands first: a tool for gamemasters to use when planning curses for their game. (Which reminds me that we need to get our sample up on the forums.)


2 thoughts on “Episode 89: Curses

  1. Just listened to this and thought of a simple mechanic to make Wayne’s anti-bennies more acceptable to players.

    Take a 1d6 as a curse die and either the GM or Player will role this with a players regular roll. If the die is a 1, the negative modifier (whatever you have decided it would be, -stat, an explosion, or -1 die, etc) will take effect.

    If you want to do the “build up ‘nega-bennies'” thing, have them role this curse die for every action, each time removing a nega-bennie, until they have been depleted.

    Thanks for the great show!

  2. ACGalaga, that’s a cool idea! It’s so simple, representative, and it constantly reminds the player of his condition – all the while without being a consistant ‘screw-you’ penalty applied to every roll. You could also play with the numbers that activate the curse, e.g. a weak curse only occurs on a 1, but a strong one on a 1-3 or something like that.

    In addition, ‘nega-benny’ is a great word.

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