Episode 9: Do Not Pass Go

In this episode, we discuss board games with our special guest, Kristos.

Kristos talks about making his wife cry, which is related to board games. Chris mentions nun rape, which isn’t related to board games. Lyal does sound effects, which, oddly, is related to board games. Wayne threatens to “get started” on Toys ‘R’ Us (again), which, while related to board games, would have been cut (again).

Find out which board game is the best on the market and which one is the worst. Kristos also shares his secret on how to make Monopoly even more boring.


2 thoughts on “Episode 9: Do Not Pass Go

  1. Chris’s “nun rape” movie is actually about nurses (and rape). It’s called “Naked Massacre”, and it turns out that it’s one the 200+ B movies that I bought.

  2. I don’t know why, but this makes me so happy. You should devote a future podcast episode just to analyzing this movie.

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