Episode 165: Creature Feature: Kaiju

Citizen A: Thank you, Reptilon! Thank you for saving our city from Neo-Varlos!
Citizen B: Saving our city? Look around, it’s nothing but rubble now.
Citizen A: Yes, but Reptilon destroyed  those buildings by accident.
Citizen B: As opposed to Neo-Varlos who was intentionally trying to destroy them?
Citizen A: Exactly. Even though the results are the same, intention is all that matters in a kaiju battle.

A big creature feature this week as Chris, Wayne, and Lyal discuss kaiju (giant monsters). We draw out common elements and inspiration from the new Godzilla movie, as well as some old classics such as Gamera and the original King of the Monsters, Gojira. (Lyal also frequently mentions Yonggary, which is, according to him, the absolute worst movie ever made.) Then we stomp over to using these city-sized beasts as antagonists, events, and protagonists. It’s a truly titanic episode!


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