Episode 99: GM Tools: Set Pieces

Rejected lines from The Empire Strikes Back and proof that GMs really need to think about what they want to accomplish with their scenes:
“Luke, when a man and woman love each other, they hug very tightly…”
“If you thought the trash compactor was a tight squeeze, you should’ve seen your mother…”
“Luke! Meeza Jar Jar Binks. Yourza faza, Darza Vada, asksa me to tella you…”

In our first episode of 2013, we debut a new series: GM Tools. In this episode, we look at set pieces, vignettes and boxed text. In order to provide concrete examples that everyone can follow, we use the original Star Wars trilogy as our example “campaign”.


4 thoughts on “Episode 99: GM Tools: Set Pieces

  1. Please for the love of Dog.
    Equalize the sounds. If I out the sound up high enough to hear the mike with the worst pickup, the mike with the best pickup was so loud that it hurt my ears.

    Please fix this so I can keep listening to your show.

    • Hi Fridrik, thanks for the feedback. Out of curiosity, how do you listen to the show? I’m asking because I’m the one in charge of audio editing, and when I listen to the episode (either through headphones or speakers directly from my computer) the balance isn’t terrible. It’s not fantastic, mind you, but not bad enough to invoke the love of Dog in my opinion. 😉 As Lyal said, we’ve had to change the way we record and I’m still adapting to the change, so any information you can give me would be really helpful. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Fridrik. We had to change how we record, so we’ve been going through a period of adjustment. We’ll try to equalize the sounds better for episode 100 (in the can). Your ears are important to us.


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