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Idle Red Hands Weekly 052: First Year of Weekly, GenCon 2020 Cancelled, Twilight 2000, Age of Sigmar: Soulbound RPG and Trudvang for 5E

It has been one year of Idle Red Hands Weekly. What is the future of this weekly podcast? We talk with Chris, one of the original hosts, about the origins of the Idle Red Hands and the origin of the name. GenCon 2020 is officially canceled, but will still exist as GenCon Online with details to come. We will be trying out the Doomtrooper Digital CCG online. A new edition of Twilight 2000 is on the horizon. Cubicle 7 has released the digital version of Age of Sigmar: Souldbound RPG. The print version is coming late summer. Frontier Developments has announced an Age of Sigmar real-time strategy game. Is this Dawn of War for re-imagined Warhammer fantasy? Riotminds is on Kickstarter with a 5E version of Trudvang Adventures. The irony doesn’t escape us.
#gencon2020 #trudvangadventures5E #riotminds #doomtrooperccg

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Trudvang Adventures for 5E:

Details for GenCon Online:

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