Idle Red Hands Weekly 059: Orion Black Quits, Open Letter to GW, D&D Legacy Disclaimer, Critical Role Controversy and Quest Adventure Game

Orion Black quits their position at Wizards of the Coast and releases a long statement explaining why. An open letter to Games Workshop is posted as a response to their “Warhammer is for everyone” inclusivity statement and especially the ending ” You will not be missed.” Critical Role responds to a claim fo unpaid employment. Dungeons and Dragons now prints a legacy disclaimer on all of their digital publications prior to 2014. Quest, an adventure game, not an RPG, by The Adventure Guild has been released with ambitions to also create a publishing platform. Will the tabletop hobby see its own “Epic Gamestore” muscle in on DriveThruRPG?

#wotc #warhammer #questgame #dnd

Quest Adventure Game

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