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Idle Red Hands Weekly 031: Halloween in Japan, 3D Printing for Tabletop, Infinity Defiance by Corvus Belli, A Thousand Thousand Islands and A Pound of Flesh for Mothership RPG

Halloween in Japan, the crowds in Shibuya and zombies in USJ. 3D printing coming to Idle Red Hands games from AnyCubic. John Carter 2d20 sessions in our future. Blood of the Phoenix unboxing for Warhammer 40k. Infinity Defiance by Corvus Belli, their dungeon crawler in the Infinity universe, on Kickstarter. A Thousand Thousand Islands Zines, A Pound of Flesh for the Mothership RPG to create your own space stations. #infinitygame #anycubic #mothershiprpg

Infinity Defiance on Kickstarter:

A Thousand Thousand Islands by Mun Kao:

Mothership: A Pound of flesh by Alan Gerding:

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