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Idle Red Hands Weekly 046: Fantasy Flight RPGs Future, Ironsworn, Free League Workshop, Celebrity Actual Plays and Kickstarter Unionizing

Rumors of the demise of the Fantasy Flight RPG department, including the Genesys System, Star Wars RPGs, Legend of the Five Rings RPG, Keyforge RPG and Android RPG settings. Spider-man and Star Lord are interested in doing a 5E actual play. Chris watched the Critical Role actual play of Monsterhearts 2. Physical copies of Ironsworn are on the way. Prince August is selling prototype test castings of never-released Heartbreaker terrain. Free League Publishing launches Free League Workshop on to support the development of content for their Tales From the Loop, Symbaroum, Coriolis: The Third Horizon and Mutant Year Zero. The Alien RPG by Free League is also getting several foreign language editions. Kickstarter employees vote to unionized making them the first tech company to organize.

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